New Routine


Corbett Morning 2

Image by Eileen Delhi via Flickr


I am not a morning person.

I have never been a morning person.

But I have accepted a personal challenge posted on Inspired To Action.

It is called “Maximize Your Mornings”.

I am never on time for anything (except for my wedding – I was on time for that), so it is only par for the course that I find and start this challenge as they start week 2.   So I started it today – with week one.  I set my alarm and got up with it instead of waiting for either my hubby or my children to drag my sorry hiney –   um –  badger me to get up –  no, no, no – gently awaken me in the morning.   So I am headed to bed so that I can set my alarm a little earlier for tomorrow.   See ya tomorrow!


5 responses to “New Routine

  1. I hear you!! And this is one area where I’m not sure I even WANT to do better!!. But I could see myself actually exercising and getting it over with if I could drag myself up before all the others.

    But I don’t wanna!! LOL

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. Maybe you will inspire me!

  2. You are too funny! Do you have anything specific in mind that you intend to do with your newly added time in the mornings? I share my first ‘challenge’ post tomorrow (stepping outside my comfort zone). I am so excited that you’ve taken on a challenge as well. Now I don’t feel so lonely! lol

    • Well Ellen –
      My overall goal is to be up early enough to spend some time in prayer and do some exercise. Right now I am just trying to get my eyes open and in and out of the shower, hair dried (forget about make-up), and dressed first thing in the morning. I am praying, but I don’t think “Please help me get out of this bed” is much of an improvement over what I have been doing in the mornings! Can’t wait to see what your challenge is!

  3. Awesome! I’m proud of you.

    Did you see what was on the ITA site yesterday? I love her comment about the morning not needing to be the main time for praying, exercising, or planning. I struggle with an idealized version of what mornings should look like versus what really happens for this night owl/non-morning person.

    • I did see that. You are so right – it is a great relief. One thing I am really learning through this journey is that what works for others may not be the best for me. I am not sure why it has taken me 40 some odd years to figure that out. My best studying and journaling times are in the evening/night. So if I can get other things “out of the way” – like some exercise, then I will feel better and free up time in the evening to be able to maximize my “study time”. I really do need to take some focused time to pray in the morning – to concentrate on my blessings, to consecrate my day to God, and to ask Him for guidance. Those things don’t take long, but I do have to actually be awake to do them!

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