Working on a Plan

Set out the goals of this blog – check
Set up the blog – check
Personalize the blog as much as I can during my limited time – check
Write about the personal goals of this blog and publish – check
Refine how I want to address the topics and set up a posting schedule – uncheck.

Anyone have any suggestions or desires on how they want me to set up my posting schedule?
Should I cover certain topics on certain days?
Should I continue the hodge-podge that I am currently doing?
Would you like to see a certain format of my posts so they are more organized?

Please give me some feedback. This blog is about my journey, but it is also about accountability to stay on my journey by having readers. If my blog is not in a format that would keep you reading, please let me know so that I can continue to have fellow travelers on the search for the gifts of the moment!


2 responses to “Working on a Plan

  1. This is a hard question. I personally love hearing about what’s currently on your mind – the style you’ve been using is working……for me. What about you?
    I only ask this because reading is the easy part. Posting on the other hand, now that can be more of a challenge. With my blog for example, I simply HAD to have a schedule as to what kinds of topics would be shared on certain days because it helps me focus. I don’t do very well with complete and utter freedom – it gives me writer’s block! If I have a general idea as to what I’ll be posting about, then I can narrow things down a bit and concentrate on that day’s topic.
    Everyone is different, however. I think you should do what will be easier for you. You have a very busy life already and you want blogging to be fun and enjoyable. If it feels good to you to just sit down and start typing, then that’s perfect. If you need more structure, you should maybe set a schedule of some sort.
    Either way you go, you’ve got a follower here supporting you because you are interesting, you write well, and you have relevant things to say 🙂

  2. Hey,
    I think you need to decide what YOU want to write about and maybe narrow it down to topics. If you want to devote equal time to the different topics, then set up yours similar to Ellen’s and do different topics on different days. You will be able to think ahead for each day and know what to write about. However, if that is too regimented for you, then just go with it, but I know that you like to be organized–that it makes you less stressed. I just like reading what you write. You have a great writing style that keeps my interest.
    Love you!

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