Morning Goal

I am still getting up.

Not always quite as early as I plan.

But I have gotten up and taken a shower and eaten breakfast each morning since I have started this challenge.  I am going much slower than the “guide” suggests, but I know me.  If I really push it I will give up.  Once I have done this for a full week, then I will add a little more to my morning routine.   One thing, though, that I really need to work on is my evening routine – as in getting to bed at a decent hour!  That may be a challenge, since I am such a night owl.
I have started looking at why I want to do this challenge.  Is it really something that I want to do?  I have mixed feelings about it.  I don’t want to change because my body’s natural rhythm is being a night owl.  But for my family, which nourishes my very being, I need to do this change.  I need to be able to meet their emotional needs with a glad heart.  I need to be able to grab those precious moments when they want to spend time with me.  Yes, my pillows are friendly, but they can’t compare to a child who wants to snuggle, or play a game, or go over homework.  Those are my amazing gifts.  So in order to receive those gifts, I have to give a gift.  The gift of myself, which requires change.


One response to “Morning Goal

  1. You can SO do this, MM. I know you can. Just take it one step at a time and know this challenge will become easier over time. I’m doing my weekly challenge today as well (although mine is weekly – yours is daily which is way harder). We’re in this together, girl!

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