OK – I won’t say failure, though I am fairly sure that is what I currently am regarding my intentional movement goal. That is, unless 3 games of Candy Land and polishing the 10 fingers and 10 toes of a 6-year-old count. That was my evening yesterday – oh, and listening to her read her homework to me.
Today I am not doing much better. I got 4 minutes of movement – the amount of time it took to walk the girls to the bus stop and then walk back home. 2 minutes were uphill, though. That should count for something!

Ellen over at Fat Girl Wearing  Thin talked about exercising today.  Her description of trying different exercise videos is priceless.   She has a recommendation on there.  I will have to check it out, since I don’t like to exercise, especially when other people see me sweat and turn all red and attempt to suck in breath.

So tonight I am going to rest and address this challenge again tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone!



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