Not sighing

I was heartened to see how many people feel they need “do-over” days with their children.  To me it signals several things.

One – I am not alone when it comes to being impatient, tired, cranky, etc.

Two – I am not alone when it comes to beating myself up over being all those things.

Three – That I can and do get a fresh start every day.

At the age my children are, they don’t hold grudges for very long, and they are extremely forgiving.   Seeing them forgive me reminds me to forgive myself.  And because their forgiveness is unconditional, it reminds me how much more forgiving is my Heavenly Father.

To see the love and joy on the faces of my girls when I come home;

or when one of us does something wrong and is forgiven and still loved;

or when I ask them how their day was and they curl up on my lap to tell me all about it as we warm each other and relax into a cuddle –

those are powerful reminders.

How much more joyous is God when I ask His forgiveness?

How unconditional is His love?

How glad is He when I turn to Him in prayer and tell Him about my day with all its frustrations, joys, tears, sorrow, surprises, and gifts?

Jessica over at MomLifeToday wrote about how we sometimes get frustrated with our children and their constant demands and interruptions.  She also compared how God reacts to us against how we react to our children.  I found it a very humbling article.  Yet it filled me with a profound sense of peace.  I am not alone in this walk of motherhood.  God is right there with me.  He understands the role, and He understands who I am, yet He still loves me unconditionally and will help me be the best parent I can be.  Check it out, it is a short, yet terrific article!


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