Stop and Do

I have several blogs listed in my side bar.  I love to peruse them.   My Google Reader is overflowing with even more blogs that I enjoy reading.   I have them divided into different groups –

Google Reader OS X

Image by gS32tom via Flickr

I have my 31 day group – the bloggers who wrote everyday for the entire month of October about a single topic.  I am still wading through all that wonderful information.

I have my Adoption Group – these are blogs of friends who have adopted, as well as blogs of adult adoptees, first moms and some that I have just stumbled upon over the years.

I have my Budgeting and Organization Group – the group of blogs that focus on ways to save money as well as blogs about  organizing, decluttering and time management.

I have my Craft and Journaling Group – this includes different digital scrapbooking sites, journaling prompt sites, and a couple other sites that post frequently about other crafts that I enjoy.

I have my Faith Group – these sites are specific to my faith tradition

And last but no least, I have my Misc Group – blogs that don’t readily fit into any one of the above listed topics.

At any one time I had 1000+ posts that were unread.  I don’t like to leave things unread.  I am afraid that I am going to miss some crucial bit of information that may hold the key to getting me where I want to be in life.  Finally (mentally slapping myself on the forehead) I realized how much pressure I was putting on myself!  Most of these people did not care that I read their sites – they did not even know that I exist!  So I did something very radical – I removed them from my list.  I finally realized that I am NOT going to be the coupon queen.  While I am sure that it would save my family a lot of money,  I just don’t have the mental energy to deal with it.  I will by the white and blue containers from my local Wal-Mart and call it good.  So I deleted all my couponing sites.  Then I cleaned out all the unread articles that I knew I was never going to get around to reading.  I am now down to 739 posts to read.  Of those, I will probably delete several more.  But this was enough for one day.

Next came along another mind-blowing realization (and another mental slap to the forehead).  I was spending so much time reading about how to do things that I never got around to actually doing it!  Well, duh!  Blonde moment!  I am fairly sure that I was hiding from the responsibility of “doing” by “learning”.    While I could be a professional student, it is not part of my life at this moment.  I need to actually DO something with all the information and inspiration that I read.

So today I am publicly announcing a new goal for tomorrow.  I will organize my desk.  Now if you think this is a small job, you have NOT seen my desk.  First of all, there are not enough drawers for everything.   So tomorrow I will sort, fill my trashcan,  utilize all the little boxes that I have hanging around the house, and I will have a clean desk top.  I promise there will be pictures.  (No, they will not include me)

Does anyone else have a short term goal they want to set?  You have one day to get it done, then we can relax for the weekend!  (And I can get over this headache from all this forehead slapping!)



4 responses to “Stop and Do

  1. Hey there! Just going on record that I’ve seen the desk!! There should definitely be “before and after” pictures!! 🙂

    Really though, once you get started, it will go quicker than you think! Good luck!!

  2. What crazy timing with this post! I have SEVERAL small projects I’m just dying to start. In fact, I’m sitting on my couch looking around my messy house, seeing all the things I need to get done, but I’m insisting that I finish reading all of my favorite blogs first!

    I really need to organize Clay’s and my closet. It’s a nightmare. Two people should NOT have that many clothes.

    I’m telling myself I will start tackling it on Monday.

    Right now I am not working. It’s a long story, but if you have time and are up for it, check it out at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Courtney –
      I hope being unemployed is a good thing at this time. I will jump over and read your blog. I wish I could say that I understand your dilemma, but I have never had “too many” clothes. Having worn scrubs or a uniform for most of my working years, I just don’t buy clothes. Not only that, I can’t put together an outfit to save my life. Thank goodness for my 6.9 year old. She is the fashion diva in our family. I hope you blog about your projects! I would love to support each other as we meet goals!

  3. If I had that many posts to read, I think I’d have a panic attack, MM. I am glad that you whittled it down a bit. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with things like that. I’m like that, too. I keep thinking I’m going to miss some important information if I miss a day here and there, and going back to play catch up doesn’t seems like a good alternative but it doesn’t always work, either.

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