Mission Completed

Well, I actually completed my goal.

I can’t believe that I am actually going to show this to the world.  But here is a before shot.  It was taken by the daughter of a friend of mine who was going around and documenting my house at it’s worst.

So here it goes.

Please brace yourself.

Don’t have judge me too harshly!  (Remember the whole point of this blog is to get my life in order so that I can see the gifts in my life.  I have decided that one of the gifts may be seeing what I actually own!)


My desk prior to my goal of getting my life in order

There was a lot of clutter on the floor that had been picked up long before the start of this current project.  My hubby helped me up and boxed up the stuff on the floor.  I still need to go through some of it, but it made a world of difference.

So here is the after.

Once again, brace yourselves.

My oldest stopped at the door and just started.  Then she just grinned and said “Good job, Mommy!”.  Hubby acted like he was having a heart attack.  It is better.  And things on the desk are even dusted!



My desk after the mission

My shiny clean desk from another angle


I will admit there is still a lot of clutter on it.  I am slowly weeding it down.   I want some shelves or something above my desk so that I can see the knickknacks without having them on my desk.   I need to get rid of that red calendar.  I think I will ask for a pretty one for Christmas – one that shows scenes from China.  The picture above my desk is a print of Van Gough, I think.  It is irises, and they are my favorite flower.  I use the exercise ball to sit on instead of my chair.  It helps my back I remember to keep moving on it throughout the day.   For those that know me IRL, there is my ever-present Pepsi bottle.  Someday I am going to give up that vice.  The boxes that are visible in the first after picture are things that I need to go through, as is all the stuff on the credenza.   The blue afghan is affectionately called the “car cover” because it is so big and I am not done with it yet, even though I have been working on it since I was 15.   Eventually I have to share this office space with the guest bed.  It is going to be a challenge to get everything nice looking.  I may be posting some pictures for some advice when I get to that point.

Well – I am pretty proud of myself.  I have set a goal and I have reached it.  I know what still needs to be done and am not going to beat myself up over it.  It is a process that I know I need to work through.  I am not quite so overwhelmed thinking about continuing in this room as I was earlier in the day.  I would say it is a resounding success!





2 responses to “Mission Completed

  1. Wow, MM! I mean, WOW!! I love before/after shots and this one really showed how hard you worked. Be proud and cross that right off your list!

  2. Hey!!! How awesome is that??? Glad Jia could help you out with that “before” picture… never knew it would actually come in handy! 🙂 Don’t worry about what comes next, just let yourself be proud and happy for the accomplishment you made! Way to go!!

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