Trashy Tuesday

OK – I am going to get really trashy.

Old trash can

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I have been getting up and doing my morning routine (up, shower, hair, sometimes makeup, breakfast and medication) long enough that it can be considered a habit. I tried to add exercise in there, but that just did not work. While I know I need to do that, I am not going to stress about it. I am making a conscious effort to not sit all day, but to get up often and get a glass of water or change the laundry, etc. So while it is not 30 minutes of increased heart rate, it is movement.

Instead, I am going to set a new habit routine.

I am going to dispose of something that is sitting around my house every day. This does not include disposing of the junk mail each day. This means looking around and seeing what I do and do not use, determining what I can live without and getting it out of my house. Does anyone want to join me? I would love to hear what people are getting rid of and how they are getting rid of it – trash, donate, recycle, freecycle, reuse, repurpose, Craigslist, garage sale?

By this time next year I figure I will have a house  purged of a huge amount of junk, an oldest daughter who does not feel like she is living her nightmare in the house, a younger daughter who will have learned how to not be a hoarder, a husband that will lift my yarn buying ban, fewer allergies from all the dust that is collecting around the house, and a routine for keeping my house neat!

So, for those who want to join me, here are the “rules”:

Typical advertising mail

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If paper comes into the house, it must be dealt with as soon as it enters the doorsort, act on it, or throw it away.

Constitution-Java battle plan

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Create a loose plan of attack – (especially if your house is a bad as mine is right now) – I am choosing a couple of counters in my “Butler’s pantry” and kitchen that seem to collect junk. I want to get those cleaned off so that I can create a “landing pad” and “control station” for my family. As those get cleaned off, I will head to other parts of the downstairs, then move upstairs. I also intend to throw one thing away in my office until all those boxes and stacks on the credenza and in the corners are gone.

Assymetric in/out boxes

Install the One in/One out rule – This means that if anyone in the family gets a gift, they must get rid of something else.  That also means they need to immediately find a home for the new item.  It can’t just lay around the house.  This is very important since Christmas is coming up!

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Come back each Tuesday (or more often if you like!) and let me know how you are doing – I am one of those people who need be held accountable for what I am going to do.  So I promise to be your accountability partner if you want one.


Today I am going to clean out my “purse basket” on the butler’s pantry counter.  This is a basket where I normally keep my purse and keys.  It is so full of other stuff that I can’t fit my purse in there anymore, and my keys become lost.

So awaaaaaaaaaay we go!


4 responses to “Trashy Tuesday

  1. We can’t put up our small Christmas tree until we de-clutter some areas. I need to follow the “in and out” rule, but I’m so lazy about getting rid of old stuff… My biggest pain in the rear-end is that the love seat is right inside the front door. That’s where ALL the mail gets DUMPED. It’s also where Tom throws all Jia’s stuff if it’s in his way… No one has or will sit on there for a long time if I don’t find a new place for the mail that comes in the door!

    Just a caution… This would be me… Not sure if it’s you. If I said I was going to throw away “one thing a day”. I would get lazy and say “it’s only ONE thing… I’ll do two tomorrow”. But I’m such a huge procrastinator!!!! I would be better setting aside maybe 30 min. one day a week and getting rid of 5 things. That way you can see a difference. Getting rid of one thing a day doesn’t create enough of a difference in what I see. I like the pay-off and if I can’t see it right away, then I lose interest! Probably my problem with losing weight in my 40’s….. Ugh.

    • I totally understand wanting to set aside the time once a week. My problem is that something always gets in the way of that 30 minutes and it never gets done. I use an online program called HabitForge . That way I am held accountable. Plus 1 thing is less intimidating that setting aside a whole blog of time. I did say I was going to do that basket today, but that is because once I open one thing a bunch of other things come out at the same time, so it is easy to do that “big thing”. The other thing I have noticed when I have worked on cleaning things out is that once I get started, often I end up saying “I’ll just do this little section” and that little section turns into a trash bag full of junk. Plus, I want to create a habit – and that takes a daily commitment for me.

  2. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to having to go the extra mile in order to do something, like: instead of taking something all the way upstairs and putting it away, I set it on the steps ‘for later’ and then the stairs become a hazard. I’ve taken measures to make things as easy as possible and boy, it works wonders. When I come home for example, I stop at the mailbox, get the mail, pull into the garage and have the recycling bin right by the door into the house. I go through the mail right there and then, before setting foot inside. What I don’t want goes straight into the bin and the rest comes inside. It cuts down on a lot of clutter. Good luck!!

  3. Good luck!!! I was a pack rat as a child, but my mom made me feel guilty about it… ironically I had to sneak stuff out of the house behind her back as a teenager, so perhaps I am not really a pack rat.
    Anyway, the FlyLady helped me get my act together. She is very motivating and positive. I don’t know if you have already heard of her because I have not searched in your archives, but she is great. You can Google Fly Lady and you will land on her site. It is amazing.

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