Thoughtful Thursday…..

Well,  I had a great post scheduled for today.  I have been writing it for over a week (it was supposed to go up last week, but with the rush on the 1 computer at my parents’ house, I did not get it done and posted).  I am still going to post it sometime this week, but I just could not get into finishing it today.

You see, I am facing a crisis.

It is a personal crisis.  One to which many people can NOT relate – especially women.

I have to go to a Christmas event tonight.


Most people would think this is a wonderfully fun thing.  Most women love the idea of dressing up and going out for wine& appetizers, and hear a great key-note speaker.  Most women would love the idea of going out to buy a new outfit for the event.

In case you have not figured it out – I am not most women.

I love my house.  I love being in my house.  I love working in my house.  I love having people come to my house.  I love caring for anyone who steps through my front door.  But I don’t like to go OUT the door.  I don’t like meeting new people.  And I REALLY don’t like to go shopping.

Tally Board
Image by Faustus909 via Flickr

So let’s look at the scoreboard for this event:

It is at my church – 1 pt for the event

Since we are relatively new at getting involved at the parish, I won’t know very  many people.  In fact I am only aware of 3 people there that I will know! – 1 pt for me.

This event is for women only.  I have historically not had a lot of fun when it comes to groups of women. (That is a whole ‘nother post”). – 1 pt for me.

I really enjoy listening to the priest who will be giving the keynote address – 1 pt for the event.

This is an evening event where I know I need to wear something other than jeans or sweat pants.  I own 1 pair of navy blue dress pants (dockers style), and one pair of dressy black pants which require 3.5 inch heels because they are so long, and one spring dress.  I don’t particularly like to dress up.  I have been told that it is a come as you are event, but it is at church, so I need to at least look a little nice.  So I will dress up some.  I don’t like to dress up. (If this had required me to go shopping, this would have been 100 points for me) – 1 pt for me.

Advent is a season of preparation and growth.  This will be a growing experience for me. 1 pt for the event.

This requires me to leave my family for an evening – which includes missing snuggle time. – 1 pt for me.

This will help me establish some friendships and a support system within our “new” spiritual home. – 1 pt for the event.

So – when I add up the points is appears that it is a draw.  I know the benefits will eventually outweigh the social anxiety I will feel.  But getting that final push to get out the door is going to be an issue.

T -60 minutes….

Better get my make-up on.



5 responses to “Thoughtful Thursday…..

  1. I hope the event went well!

    I wanted to say that the response you left on my blog about Santa was my deciding factor on actually going through with the tradition. I have talked to, it seems, like a zillion people about this and I was never satisfied enough with their answers. However, you explained your position so well and I agree so much with it that I think I will do what you do. I think that the only thing I will change is that the stocking and one gift will be from Santa and then the rest from us. We put lots of little wrapped gifts in the stocking, so I feel like that’s a pretty good trade off.

    Thanks for your wisdom! I learned quite a bit. I have also added you to my favorites! You have a lot of wisdom in your posts and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!

    • Wendy –
      You make me blush with the wisdom remark. Thank you so much! I have been a follower of your blog for a long time. Your ministry is something that is needed so much. As the daughter of a police officer, I can appreciate the dangers and risks that the men and women you serve face. Thankfully my father retired safely. I would only hope that there would have been someone as compassionate and supportive as you if he had not.

      You know, I was in my late teens or early 20s before there was no longer a gift from Santa under my parents’ tree for me. In fact, I think it might have been the year that I got married that they stopped. They went from several down to one when I figured out who was actually placing the gifts. The neat thing was that one gift was always something that I did not expect, had not asked for – a true Christmas surprise.

      God bless you and your husband for all you do for others.
      And God bless that sweet little girl of yours.
      Mayhem Mama

  2. I am so with you on this. For me, the idea of going out for an event like this seems like a good plan until it comes time to leave the house and I just don’t want to do it. The comfort of staying at home as well as avoiding the discomfort of social anxiety are both a pretty strong pull for me. Like you, I want to feed my faith and build friendships within my church family. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be biting the bullet for a women’s Christmas event at our church.

    Sending hugs your way and praying the event fed your soul despite your worries.

    • While I am glad to know I am not the only one who has issues with events like this, I am sorry that anyone has to go through it! I hope your women’s Christmas event was a great one!

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