Family Friday – Rack-o

I have mentioned that my oldest has some sensory processing issues.  We (and I do mean we, as in the whole family) went through occupational therapy so that we all learned the skills needed to help her.  In the process I realized that Hubby and I both have some sensory issues as well.  Throw 3 of us in a room with all different sensory issues and it is can be a little tense!  But I digress.

One of the things that she needed to work on was sequencing.  We had some amazing occupational therapists who really tried to make the whole thing fun instead of just dry mental exercises.  I came home after every therapy session with a list of games.  One of them that Little Bit loved was called Rack-o.  I had never heard of this game.  In fact, I could not find it in town.  Luckily my Daddy loves to look for things on the computer.  He found it.  It is a staple when we pack games for camping trips.  It is another one of those games where the concept is simple, but the play is challenging.


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