Half Way There

I am half way to establishing a habit!  I can’t believe that I have gotten up and taken a shower and eaten breakfast 10 days in a row!  Normally there would have been at least one day that I would hang out in my jammies during this 10 stretch.  But not this time!  This is honestly an amazing feat for me!

I have also managed to keep 2 of my 3 tables in my living room clutter free for 4 weeks.  I have still not managed to attack that one table, but I will get there!  Please don’t ask me what the rest of my house looks like.  It is not pretty,  But I have 2 clean tables!  We have even managed to sit down and eat dinner at the table as a family, with the TV off, at least 3 times a week in the last 4 weeks.  That does not include any times that we have eaten out together.  So I am making some progress in getting my priorities straight.

Since I am at the halfway point with my first goal, I am adding another.  This may seem like a puny goal to many people, but to me, who absolutely does not like to sweat, it is a starting point.  My new goal is to do at least 15 minutes of purposeful movement each day.  That does not include walking to the bathroom, going downstairs to get something to drink or eat, etc.  This is 15 minutes of movement just to move.

Now that I am actually making progress, I have to slow myself down from trying to jump on top of more goals.  I want to slow down and be methodical and purposeful in my goal selection so that I don’t defeat myself.  If I get other things done, great.  That is a terrific bonus.  But I don’t want to set too many goals and end up setting myself up for failure.

So, as London Tipton would say “Yay Me!”

Brenda Song on set of The Suite Life

(Oh dear, I have been watching too much Disney Channel with my girls!)


New Routine


Corbett Morning 2

Image by Eileen Delhi via Flickr


I am not a morning person.

I have never been a morning person.

But I have accepted a personal challenge posted on Inspired To Action.

It is called “Maximize Your Mornings”.

I am never on time for anything (except for my wedding – I was on time for that), so it is only par for the course that I find and start this challenge as they start week 2.   So I started it today – with week one.  I set my alarm and got up with it instead of waiting for either my hubby or my children to drag my sorry hiney –   um –  badger me to get up –  no, no, no – gently awaken me in the morning.   So I am headed to bed so that I can set my alarm a little earlier for tomorrow.   See ya tomorrow!