Motivation Monday – New Year Attitude

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Julie, over at Less Than Perfect Life Of Bliss wrote something in  one of her first posts of the new year.  I honestly don’t remember what the rest of the post was about (click on the link to find out – poke around over there if you have a chance, she has some really neat projects and thoughts), but this line, I find –




Oh – I guess you want to know what that line was, huh?

BUT- there’s an exciting year ahead of us,

full of things that have never been.

Sit with that for a moment.

Does that line make shivers go up and down your spine or does it fill you with dread?

Does it open vistas that you never imagined or does it make you want to climb back in bed and hide?

Does it encourage you to charge out your front door and find those things, or do you want to lock the door in fear that what is to come is worse than what has been?

Last spring I would have answered dread, bed, and worse.  But as I have written in the last few months, there was some sort of switch that was clicked in me this past year.  I know that God had a lot to do with it.  You see, I am a slow learner when it comes to His lessons and I was trying to take charge of my life without consulting Him.  He was allowing me flounder, to learn some lessons.  When I finally looked up at Him and asked for His help, gave Him the problems to fix instead of trying to fix them on my own, allowed my heart to be fully embraced by Him.

Now I am eager to find out what is in store for me this year.  I am looking forward to identifying the blessings that I am given each day.  I am anxious to set out on the path called 2011 and see where the journey leads me and who I meet and what I see and do.  I am really interested to discover who I am going to be at the end of the year!

So how about you?

What sort of emotion does the phrase create in you?


Motivation Monday – Personal Growth Update

The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can.
Robert Cushing


Well, I did it.

I made it through the church social function.

I drove there – BY MYSELF

I entered the venue – BY MYSELF

I walked around all the tables and looked at the decorations – BY MYSELF

I initiated a conversation with a woman I had never met before – BY MYSELF

And you know what –

I had a great time.

A friend of mine showed up a little later and we sat together.  We had been friends at our old parish.  I did not realize that she was part of this parish until I ran into her dropping her son off at VBS a couple of years ago.  Life had gotten in the way and other than saying a quick hello, we had not had the chance to reconnect. She had encouraged a mutual friend of ours to come along to the event. All three of us sat together, drank wine, ate, laughed, and listened to an awesome presentation.  I even won a door prize!

After the scheduled part of the evening was over, my friend and I stood around and chatted for another hour.

We laughed some more, cried a little, learned how much we each grown over the last few years.  The years fell away as we shared as only women can.

Snow Falling at Night

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As I walked out to my car it was snowing.  The world was quiet as it only is when blanketed by snow.  The flakes glittered as they passed through the street light beams.  I walked along, quietly humming Christmas carols, occasionally trying to catch a snow flake on my tongue, and praised God that He had given me the strength to meet this personal challenge and allowed me to find Him the heart of another woman.

Thoughtful Thursday…..

Well,  I had a great post scheduled for today.  I have been writing it for over a week (it was supposed to go up last week, but with the rush on the 1 computer at my parents’ house, I did not get it done and posted).  I am still going to post it sometime this week, but I just could not get into finishing it today.

You see, I am facing a crisis.

It is a personal crisis.  One to which many people can NOT relate – especially women.

I have to go to a Christmas event tonight.


Most people would think this is a wonderfully fun thing.  Most women love the idea of dressing up and going out for wine& appetizers, and hear a great key-note speaker.  Most women would love the idea of going out to buy a new outfit for the event.

In case you have not figured it out – I am not most women.

I love my house.  I love being in my house.  I love working in my house.  I love having people come to my house.  I love caring for anyone who steps through my front door.  But I don’t like to go OUT the door.  I don’t like meeting new people.  And I REALLY don’t like to go shopping.

Tally Board
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So let’s look at the scoreboard for this event:

It is at my church – 1 pt for the event

Since we are relatively new at getting involved at the parish, I won’t know very  many people.  In fact I am only aware of 3 people there that I will know! – 1 pt for me.

This event is for women only.  I have historically not had a lot of fun when it comes to groups of women. (That is a whole ‘nother post”). – 1 pt for me.

I really enjoy listening to the priest who will be giving the keynote address – 1 pt for the event.

This is an evening event where I know I need to wear something other than jeans or sweat pants.  I own 1 pair of navy blue dress pants (dockers style), and one pair of dressy black pants which require 3.5 inch heels because they are so long, and one spring dress.  I don’t particularly like to dress up.  I have been told that it is a come as you are event, but it is at church, so I need to at least look a little nice.  So I will dress up some.  I don’t like to dress up. (If this had required me to go shopping, this would have been 100 points for me) – 1 pt for me.

Advent is a season of preparation and growth.  This will be a growing experience for me. 1 pt for the event.

This requires me to leave my family for an evening – which includes missing snuggle time. – 1 pt for me.

This will help me establish some friendships and a support system within our “new” spiritual home. – 1 pt for the event.

So – when I add up the points is appears that it is a draw.  I know the benefits will eventually outweigh the social anxiety I will feel.  But getting that final push to get out the door is going to be an issue.

T -60 minutes….

Better get my make-up on.


Motivation Monday and a Blogcation

Hi all –
I promise I have not disappeared. Just when I promised daily posts I go off and leave! We went out-of-town for a long weekend at my parents’ house where there were 6 of us sharing 1 computer. Needless to say, I did not get much internet time. I do have my Thoughtful Thursday post almost ready (it will be late but it will be posted) from last week. I also have a great item that I want to talk about for my Family Friday, as well.

I don’t have a whole quote for today. What I have is a set of words.   Sunday started Advent for many Christians – a time of anticipation and preparation of our hearts for the birth of Jesus. There were several words that popped out at me during the homily yesterday. I am just going to write them and let you sit with them. They are going to mean something different to each person during this frenzied time leading up to Christmas. I would love to hear YOUR feelings about these words…






Not sighing

I was heartened to see how many people feel they need “do-over” days with their children.  To me it signals several things.

One – I am not alone when it comes to being impatient, tired, cranky, etc.

Two – I am not alone when it comes to beating myself up over being all those things.

Three – That I can and do get a fresh start every day.

At the age my children are, they don’t hold grudges for very long, and they are extremely forgiving.   Seeing them forgive me reminds me to forgive myself.  And because their forgiveness is unconditional, it reminds me how much more forgiving is my Heavenly Father.

To see the love and joy on the faces of my girls when I come home;

or when one of us does something wrong and is forgiven and still loved;

or when I ask them how their day was and they curl up on my lap to tell me all about it as we warm each other and relax into a cuddle –

those are powerful reminders.

How much more joyous is God when I ask His forgiveness?

How unconditional is His love?

How glad is He when I turn to Him in prayer and tell Him about my day with all its frustrations, joys, tears, sorrow, surprises, and gifts?

Jessica over at MomLifeToday wrote about how we sometimes get frustrated with our children and their constant demands and interruptions.  She also compared how God reacts to us against how we react to our children.  I found it a very humbling article.  Yet it filled me with a profound sense of peace.  I am not alone in this walk of motherhood.  God is right there with me.  He understands the role, and He understands who I am, yet He still loves me unconditionally and will help me be the best parent I can be.  Check it out, it is a short, yet terrific article!

The Mapmaker


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My heart and soul are ready to embark on this journey.

My mind – well, not so much.

To be honest, I am overwhelmed.  There is just so much to do, so much to wade through, that I just don’t know where to start.

So last night I met with the head Mapmaker.  I spent quite awhile discussing my concerns, and my fears.  As I laid all this on His drafting board, I found myself beginning to relax.  I started to look around and see the beauty around  me – my children, my husband, a job, the ability to make this month’s mortgage payment, the sunlight that streamed through my windows all day.  I was even able to see the beauty in the meltdown my oldest daughter had after school.  I was able to see where her journey intersected mine and how we worked together to deal with the emotions she was experiencing.   Standing there in the loft of our house, gazing out at the quiet night, I was able to breathe deeply and let go of some of the fear of the unknown.  I could feel my strength growing so that I could pick up my suitcase and head out on my journey.   Before long I was grinning, because I had just found my first gift on the first day of the trip.  It was the gift of Thankfulness.

Walk with me!

Welcome Fellow Seekers –

I am on a journey.

It is a journey of discovery.

I want to discover  how to recognize God’s gifts that are found during moments in my day.  I want to slow down so that I see them, savor them, and be thankful for them.  I want to store those gifts in my heart so that I can pull them out when I need them – to ponder, to admire, to recognize God’s hand.

But right now – I can’t.

Right now my house is over-flowing with clutter.  I can’t enjoy the loveliness of my house and the special items I cherish because it is hidden by unimportant junk.

Right now my children are out of control (not really, but it feels like it). I can’t set up the routine that I know they crave because I can’t figure out what to do first.

Right now my body is neglected – I don’t eat right,  I am overweight, I have joint pain – because I have not developed the self-control and personal strength to stop putting myself last.

Right now my schedule is overflowing with things that I am not even sure are important. Those things sure seemed important when I said yes.  Yet I can’t find the time to spend a few minutes of alone time with God.

So I am setting out on a journey.

It is a personal journey, but I hope I have some company.

Journeys are much more fun when they are shared.

I am not sure exactly what path this journey is going to take, but I do know the destination  – a serene home, which is built around the priorities of my relationship with God, respect for myself, and the nurturing of my family.

Over the next few days I am going to explore the route I am going to take.  Please  let me know what path you are on and what route you want to follow.